How the TogetherWise Program Works

The TogetherWise program provides the following key resources:

The TogetherWise Good Relationship Agreement to help the developer and the community clarify expectations and plan together for good process.

TogetherWise Agreement and planning guide

Facilitated conversations at three stages of the consultation process:

  1. We help frame the initial TogetherWise Good Relationship Agreement and plan.
  2. We hold a mid-point check-in to hear how things are going.
  3. We host a debrief conversation at the end of the process to bring closure and gather learnings to help other consultations.

The website featuring:

  • Five heartbeats of good consultation
  • A roadmap with advice for the journey
  • Consultation FAQs

The TogetherWise Resource Guide (print material) with key points and resources to aid the process.

Together Wise Resource Guide

Please note: the TogetherWise program does not facilitate or design consultation events.

This program is made freely available to both community and to housing providers with the support of the following funders and partners:

TogetherWise is a program of Edmonton’s Capital Region Interfaith Housing Initiative (CRIHI)

Religious and spiritual communities working together to address homelessness in Edmonton’s Capital Region.

The following excerpt from the organization’s interfaith statement represents the shared heart that drives this effort.

Our religious and spiritual communities share important values: respect for human dignity, solidarity with those who are poor and vulnerable, and an affirmation of the importance of inclusive and welcoming communities where individuals and families can thrive.  

TogetherWise was developed out of a recognition that a quality consultation with the local community is critical both to the strength of the local project and to the welcoming of new neighbours; many of whom are hungry for warmth and connection in a new home.

To learn more about Edmonton’s Interfaith Housing Initiative, please visit