Community Connections

First Contact Advice for the Developer…

Designate one or more people who are effective communicators to talk with community partners. Have this person meet with a few key stakeholders in the community (such as a community league, business or home-owners association) to:

  • Introduce yourselves!  Who you are… what you do… why you do it.
  • Tell the story of what you are considering doing.
  • Gather initial questions that the local community is likely to have.
  • Check the temperature in the community. Ask these stakeholders what level of worry or concern they think the community is likely to have. Higher concern means you may need to gear up for a stronger consultation process.
  • Ask for their advice on process, including how best to spread the word and engage the community.

Sherri Shorten:  “I feel very strongly that you shouldn’t go to councilors for support without first having engaged with the community. Bring the community in on day ONE! Have the community there at the meeting with developers, politicians, and community. THAT’S how you get buy-in.”