How can we, as participants, play our part in the process?

The TogetherWise approach encourages all participants to adopt the five heartbeats of good consultation!

Here are some practical ways to start using the TogetherWise approach:

For Community leagues and other community leaders 

  • Host community perspectives and feedback and then communicate all feedback (including questions, concerns and supportive comments) clearly to all stakeholders.
  • Model openness and a willingness to engage constructively throughout the consultation process, especially when there are bumps in the road.
  • Encourage community members to engage with the consultation process, whether they are supportive or opposed. Local community leadership can be instrumental in reaching residents.

Faith community landholders, developers and housing providers

  • View local stakeholders not as opponents, but as partners — they bring an important perspective that can strengthen the project.
  • Keep local stakeholders informed every step of the way involve them in solving problems.
  • Practice patience and make the appropriate investment of time, money and energy in doing consultation well.  This will pay off in a stronger and healthier relationship with the community for the long term. This is a benefit to everyone, including the new tenants.
  • Do your homework!  Show your dedication to the health and vitality of the development and the surrounding neighbourhood.

“What was important in the North Glenora context was an openness on both sides. What I learned was just how much the community was willing to give to create a shared vision and understanding.” – Cam McDonald, Right at Home Housing Society

Local residents and neighbours are encouraged to keep an open mind and attend the meetings, even if they are supportive or have few concerns. If you do have questions and concerns, please share them with the project proponent quickly, so that they can be addressed as soon as possible. Try to participate whenever you have the opportunity.

Local businesses should be clear about the information they want and how they think this development may affect their business. We encourage you to trust that other stakeholders and neighbours are acting in good faith on behalf of the community.

Media covering the development are encouraged to do their homework and to try to include the context and back story to the event they are reporting on. If community voices or the developer have some publicly available links and reports, the media should consider them as part of the story.